Changes to flea and worm dispensing by the RCVS


The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), our regulatory body, has changed the guidance vets have to follow regarding prescription only medicines (POM) that we prescribe.
Some POMs, including some worm and flea treatments such as Prinovox, Milpro and Nexgard, can now only be prescribed at the time of a physical, clinical examination with a vet. This means that unless a client has discussed flea and worm treatment with the vet at the time of the examination of their pet,  and  there are then instructions in the clinical records that the particular flea or worm medication is to be used (and for how often and for how long -usually 12months before next check-up), then they will not be able to dispense that POM flea/worm product without another clinical examination.

This change was a decision of our governing body, the RCVS. Many in the veterinary profession have made their views as to this aspect of the guidance changes, the implementation and timing felt and the impact it will have on clients and veterinary practices delivering services.

To reduce costs and visits to the vets for clients we will try to tie in visits for POM flea/work treatments with anual vaccinations or other routine visits and prompt any future need for these treatments even if not needing to dispense at the time. And, as before, we have over the counter flea and worm preparations available if needed.

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